A 15-year-old girl from J&K was
A 15-year-old girl from J&K was "abducted" by two Kashmiri teenagers who were detained in Nagpur

Sheikh Adil Mushtaq, a top police officer, was arrested on September 21, 2023, on suspicion of corruption and supporting those engaged in a money laundering case. He is now the subject of an inquiry. His official detention was the result of a thorough FIR that included about 4,000 pages.

According to a police report, the inquiry was sparked by critical information that Muzamil Zahoor revealed, which was supported by the knowledge of CERT-IN.


At the Nowgam Police Station, Adil was taken into custody under FIR 149/2023, which made reference to several provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Prevention of Corruption Act. His participation in the inquiry into the financing of terrorism led to his termination in March 2023.

The story started on February 7, 2023, when Umar Adil Dar, Bilal Ahmad Sidiqi, and Salik Mehraj were detained by the Nowgam Police Station. This resulted in the discovery of Rs 31,65,200 in cash, a mobile, and evidence pertaining to the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Investigations conducted afterwards showed that the three had been providing money to LeT militants in Srinagar as directed by their Pakistani superiors. Up until his removal in March 2023, Adil Mushtaq, the DySP at the time, was instrumental in the inquiry.

Yasmin and Zamrooda were detained on May 18 after a forensic examination of their phones and the accused’s bank accounts. On July 27, a charge sheet was submitted against each of the five defendants.

Importantly, Umar Adil’s transactions revealed fraudulent accounts, one of which might be linked to Muzamil Zahoor. According to the police FIR, Muzamil gave the DySP 2.73 lakh rupees during the daytime near VMS Pharma, and Mushtaq advised him to stay underground for a few months.

Concerned that authorities were tracking Muzamil’s financial activities, he once again called DySP for advice. Through a Telegram conversation, DySP assisted him in drafting an unfounded complaint against the Nowgam Station House Officer (SHO) and gave him instructions on how to film a video clip for self-defence.

Mushtaq instructed Muzamil to remain covert until the court’s ruling, when the complaint was subsequently filed in a Srinagar court. However, Muzamil was captured by law enforcement at the Hotel Foot Hill in Sonwar, Srinagar, where he was hiding. CERT-IN’s assessment of Muzamil’s telegram account found a troubling contact with DySP Sheikh Adil.

According to the investigation, DySP Adil actively assisted Muzamil in fabricating a fake police officer complaint against those involved in the case in an effort to conceal his own wrongdoings.

Muzamil exposed Adil Mushtaq’s assistance to him during questioning and acknowledged his association with Umer Adil Dar and Asif Maqbool Dar. DySP Adil was finally taken into custody as a result of these allegations.

A team of detectives is now looking into the matter, and more information is anticipated to surface as things go forward. The development of this lawsuit is expected to result in a prolonged judicial struggle that will draw interest from the surrounding area.



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