"Designing Destiny": Aaquib Wani's journey from Kashmir to creating the Indian cricket team's jersey

Determining Purpose: Aaquib Wani’s trip from Kashmir to designing the Indian cricket team’s uniform

Amidst the current World Cup cricket frenzy, an incredible and motivational tale has surfaced: that of Kashmiri designer Aaquib Wani, who learned his craft on his own.


Cricket fans all across the country watch their favourite players, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Jasprit Bumrah, with great emotion, but few are aware of the artistic creativity that went into creating the new shirt that the Indian Team proudly wears.

The story of Aaquib Wani, who grew up in Kashmir as a small child and went on to design the shirt for the national cricket team, is one of drive, tenacity, and pushing limits.

Aaquib Wani got a call in December of last year that would alter the trajectory of his professional life. In the past, he collaborated on many projects with global sportswear brand Adidas, working with celebrities like Rohit Sharma and Ranveer Singh.

But he grasped the scope of the potential when he was informed that his studio would be in charge of designing the new jerseys for the Indian cricket team. Adidas had the option to choose from designers throughout the globe, but instead it trusted this self-taught designer.

This project was more than simply a professional venture for Aaquib Wani, whose passion for painting emerged at a young age; it was an emotional connection to the sport he grew up enjoying.

He reflected on the occasion and stated, “It was an emotional moment, knowing that cricket has played a big role while growing up since I would always play the game. Although I had previously dealt with individuals and families, this was like representing the nation. The process of creating the national team’s uniform felt incredible and was on a big scale.”

The origins of Aaquib’s family are in Kashmir. His family, like many Indian parents, first pushed him to seek a career in engineering or business. But Aaquib’s scholastic setbacks—two failed classes in his eleventh year, among other things—sent him on a different route.

Driven by his ardour, he took up a guitar and started a band, in spite of the doubt and disapproval he encountered from friends and family. Recalling, Aaquib said, “I was called names. Still, I didn’t let anything stop me. I began acting on my desires without giving anything else any thought.”
The journey of Aaquib Wani is quite amazing. He proudly has the distinction of being the first Kashmiri to be included in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Design in 2021, having accomplished this feat via his self-taught career as a designer.

His creative experience encompasses many different areas, such as venues, festivals, sets, interiors, interactive installations, graphic and visual design, weddings, and more. In addition to being an expert in 2D design, Aaquib has dabbled with 3D design, creating new things with every project.
As the creator of the experiential design agency Aaquib Wani Design, he has worked with several companies such as the United Nations, Spotify, Coca-Cola, MG Motors, Nestle, the India Cricket Team, and the worldwide music festival Lollapalooza. For the next IPL in 2021 and 2022, he even created special edition sneakers for Rohit Sharma.

As Aaquib’s reputation in the design industry grows, young designers and artists may draw inspiration from his narrative. It serves as a reminder that remarkable accomplishments may result from tenacity, passion, and unwavering devotion.

His path from a young child influenced by Kashmiri craftsmen to a well-known designer of the cricket stars of India’s jerseys is proof of the creative potential that knows no bounds and the strength of pursuing one’s aspirations.
Aaquib Wani offers straightforward but impactful guidance to aspiring artists and business owners: Accept the notion that taking chances without worrying about failing is a true testimonial to your efforts and aspirations. Recall that taking chances is an obvious indication that you’re making progress and aiming high. Instead of letting your fear of failing stop you, use it as a springboard for advancement and success. Continue moving ahead with unflinching resolve!”

Aaquib enjoys music, side projects, and spending quality time with friends and family in addition to his work life. He keeps delving deeper into the intricate fabric of Indian culture, using its vibrant colours, patterns, and customs as inspiration to produce designs that embody the essence of India. The path of Aaquib Wani is proof of the limitless possibilities of imagination, tenacity, and pursuing one’s passion.



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