DGP RR Swain declares,
DGP RR Swain declares, "We are determined to destroy the enemy and its ecosystem"

Jammu, Nov. 25: On Saturday, Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain reaffirmed that the police and other security forces are determined to eradicate the enemy and the ecosystem they are inhaling.

Director General of Police RR Swain said, “We have to face challenges, but police and other security agencies are resolute to destroy the enemy,” while speaking to the media in Jammu. Nobody is denying the existence of a problem, but the Indian government is determined to kill the adversary and bring down its ecosystem, DGP Swain reportedly told the media in this location.


Regarding the recent incident that occurred in the Rajouri jungle, DGP Swain said, “Considering the current circumstances, I don’t believe we should be unduly concerned.” The DGP said, “I believe the average citizen, especially those living in Jammu province, should remain mentally alert because the enemy continues to remain hostile.”

He said, “The flow of knowledge has increased in Rajouri,” and he commended the people for working with the police and other security services to keep things as they are. It is fantastic that locals are contributing ideas and demonstrating their desire to fight with us,” the DGP added.



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