Directors of Sericulture are taken over by Aijaz Ahmad Bhat
Directors of Sericulture are taken over by Aijaz Ahmad Bhat

On November 21, Ajaz Ahmad Bhat (IAS) takes over as Director of the Sericulture Development Department in Jammu & Kashmir in Tulsibagh, Srinagar.

Under the direction of Ajaz Ahmad Bhat (IAS), Director of Sericulture at J&K, a meeting was conducted at the Directorate of Sericulture Development Department, Tulsi Bagh, Srinagar. Members of the sericulture industry, as well as department officers and officials, attended.
The region’s sericulture sector will grow, according to Ajaz Ahmad Bhat. He emphasized the vital role that the Sericulture Development Department plays in fostering and sustaining the long-standing industry of sericulture in Jammu and Kashmir.
Creating silk of the highest quality that satisfies international standards will be our main priority as we assume leadership. We want to improve silk production by using contemporary methods and approaches while also honoring the rich history of the Sericulture Development Department, “said Shri Ajaz Ahmad Bhat.
Aware of the value of practical experience in the field of sericulture, the director described plans for departmental staff members and silkworm rearers to participate in exposure tours. The goal of these trips is to stimulate collaboration within the sericulture community, exchange best practices, and provide insightful information.
He underlined the need for a defined program to accomplish the department’s goals while discussing the Holistic Agriculture Development Programme (HADP) for Sericulture at the meeting.
Another point made by Ajaz Ahmad Bhat was the department’s dedication to providing job possibilities for young people in the area. “A crucial component of our vision is youth empowerment,” he said. We want to help young people find long-term jobs by using the Sericulture Development Department’s experience, which will help them advance their skills and overall socioeconomic status.”
In order to jointly contribute to the expansion and success of the sericulture industry in Jammu and Kashmir, the director thanked the staff of the Sericulture Development Department and asked for the support of all participants in his last remarks.
Led by Ajaz Ahmad Bhat (IAS), the Sericulture Development Department is excited about a new chapter of creativity, cooperation, and expansion that will support the region’s socioeconomic development.



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