DSEK cautions school administrators not to have kids wait in lines for visitors
DSEK cautions school administrators not to have kids wait in lines for visitors

Srinagar, September 15: The School Education Department (SED) J&K has issued a severe warning to the administrators of both private and public schools across the Valley, ordering them to stop the practise of having kids wait in lines for the arrival of visitors and visiting authorities.

The Director of School Education for Kashmir (DSEK) has given directives to all school heads ordering them to stop making children wait in line for hours during official visits and to end other lavish practises that have been practised for years.


The DSEK’s order lists various problems with the practises already in use while underlining their detrimental consequences on pupils.

According to the circular, making students stand for lengthy amounts of time interferes with their important study time, hampers productivity, and has a bad effect on their self-esteem.

Additionally, it states, “Students’ mental and emotional well-being is in jeopardy as they deal with the strain of these onerous rituals.”

The DSEK has stated that it has been a common practise to present visiting officers or guests with artificial floral bouquets or garlands made from non-biodegradable materials, contributing to environmental pollution during disposal. This is one of the concerns addressed in the warning.

The circular emphasises the need for more environmentally friendly and sustainable practises, while also calling attention to the high costs associated with the cuisine and hospitality provided during school occasions.

“These lavish accommodations not only conflict with the teaching objective of the institution, but they also foster prejudice among pupils. People who aren’t provided with such food at occasions feel left out, according to the DSEK circular.

The caution also emphasises how ineffective and time-consuming it is to greet new police with mass-produced fake garlands. The department promotes the use of easier, more effective techniques that respect both students’ and visitors’ time and dignity.

The DSEK has recommended the schools to implement more effective, considerate, and creative guest welcoming strategies that put the welfare and education of the kids first.

Use basic, natural flowers in floral arrangements rather than non-biodegradable ones. Similar to this, food should be minimal, providing visitors and students with a straightforward cup of tea and nibbles.



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