Egypt aids Gaza, drone attacks on US sites, Israel-Hamas conflict reaches 14th day
As Israel and Hamas continue to fight, Chicago residents rally for Gazans on October 18, 2023. (Reuters)

On Tuesday, a massive explosion rocked the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, where many wounded people and other Palestinians were taking safety. At least 14 people were reportedly killed when Israeli jets bombed a home in Gaza City belonging to Ismail Haniyeh, the top political figure in Hamas.

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Current Information
As regional tensions rise in the wake of the horrific explosion at a hospital in Gaza, a number of drone assaults have taken place over the last 24 hours targeting US sites in Iraq, injuring a small number of coalition soldiers.


According to a US source quoted by The Associated Press, two drones attacked the al-Asad airfield in western Iraq used by US soldiers, while another drone attacked a facility in northern Iraq.

As a result of American backing for Israel, Iranian-backed militias in Iraq threatened to attack U.S. sites in Iraq.
On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden of the United States travelled to Israel on an emergency mission to prevent the confrontation between Israel and Hamas from escalating into a wider regional crisis. After Biden’s appeal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that Egypt would be permitted to let some humanitarian supplies into Gaza.
As a result of the war in Gaza and the West Bank, Biden has stated that the United States would contribute $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

After Hamas terrorists swept through villages in southern Israel on October 7, Israel cut off all aid to the Gaza Strip. Many households in Gaza are now eating just once a day and drinking contaminated water due to a lack of resources.

At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Martin Griffiths, the UN’s humanitarian head, said that the demolition of the hospital had a devastating impact on Gaza, where it had treated 45,000 patients annually but was now closed.
An ’emergency demonstration’ was conducted by many pro-Palestinian organisations in Chicago on Wednesday, as reported by Reuters, in response to the continuing confrontation with Israel.

Thousands of women, children, and elderly people on both sides of the Israel-Hamas battle have been murdered, and protesters have taken to the streets throughout the United States to express their outrage.

Despite widespread speculation that Israel may undertake a ground invasion of Gaza, military authorities insist no such decision has been taken.



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