Eight drug traffickers' accounts have been frozen by police in Bandipora
Eight drug traffickers' accounts have been frozen by police in Bandipora

On Monday, police in Bandipora seized a car and blocked eight bank accounts belonging to four suspected drug traffickers, totaling more over Rs 6 lakh.

According to a statement released by the J&K Police, the prime suspect in the narcotics ring is Irshad Ahmad Khan, also from Asham Hajin.


A load carrier of Rs 3,18,000 and funds of Rs 3,97,603 were in his possession.

The police indicated that all the money and property found there came from the unlawful trade of narcotics. The police said that, in accordance with the NDPS Act, they had blocked his accounts and seized his car.

In a statement released on X, the police claimed that in addition to Muhammad Ayub Dar of Ganastan Sumbal, Mushtaq Ahmad Rather of Ajas, and Irshad Ahmad Wani of Hajin, a total of six other bank accounts connected to these three drug traffickers had been frozen.

There was a grand sum of Rs 1,76,899 in these several accounts.

The Competent Authority and Administrator, SAFEM (New Delhi), took the necessary steps in accordance with Section 68F(2) of the NDPS Act.

An officer has said that the police force is “committed to eradicating the menace of drug abuse from the society” and has asked for the public’s help in this effort.

He also asked that anybody with knowledge of drug trafficking or misuse speak forward.



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