Freedom for everyone is the largest development in J&K, says LG on the fourth anniversary of Article 370's repeal
Nadia Farooq

Over 28000 employment have been granted to kids in the previous three years; The Land to Landless concept should be maintained apolitical. The rehabilitation of the KP government is the primary priority. UT is prepared for elections, but ECI must make a decision.

Srinagar, July 24: Ahead of the fourth anniversary of the repeal of Articles 370 and 35(A), Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stated that the end of street violence and strike calls, as well as citizens living their lives in a free environment, have been the most significant achievements in the Union Territory of J&K over the last four years.


In an interview with DD News, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha listed various accomplishments on the security and developmental fronts, saying that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, the Government of India (GoI) made a brave decision on August 5, 2019 to repeal Articles 370 and 35(A).

“J&K has seen a massive grassroots reformation over the last four years.” Street violence has ceased; strike calls by separatists, terrorists, and Pakistan have become a (thing of) the past. Furthermore, the average person lives in a free atmosphere. “These are the major accomplishments in the last four years,” Sinha said, adding, “In addition, 2 AIIMS, 2 cancer hospitals, 7 medical colleges, IIT, IIM, NIFT, highways and tunnel projects worth 1.50 lac crore rupees have been completed.”

“There was a time when people were (going back to their) homes before sunset due to fear of terrorists,” Sinha added, “but today shops stay open until late at night, youth enjoy music, and elders walk along the banks of the Jhelum.” All of this has restored the public’s faith in the government.”

When asked how the UT administration achieved the transformation, LG Sinha said that the adjustments occurred as a result of improved collaboration among security services. “The UT administration had the goal of establishing peace rather than purchasing it.” “The poor were the worst victims of terrorism in recent years,” he remarked.

In response to the increased tourist footfall in the UT, LG Sinha said that 1 crore 88 lac people visited J&K last year, creating new opportunities for hotels, taxi walas, shikara walas, and others. This boosted the J&K economy, although some unscrupulous groups tried to establish parallel economies in the past to foster militancy and secession, which would not be permitted today.

On dynastic politics and corruption, Sinha said that the J&K government has established transparency and performance benchmarks. “J&K is doing well and is not trailing any UT or State in the country.” On the UT level, J&K ranks first in E-Governance. We have made almost 450 services available online. “When I resumed office, there were 9229 projects completed, but today we have completed 92600 projects, which means there is ten times more improvement on the developmental front,” he said, adding, “When I resumed office, there were 9229 projects completed, but today we have completed 92600 projects, which means there is ten times more improvement on the developmental front.”

“A three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been put in place.” A recent G20 Tourism Working Group meeting was attended by a large number of delegates and ordinary citizens. Following the summit, international nations resolved to relax the prohibition on Kashmir travel. 32-33 thousand elected delegates decide and supervise development projects. “Today, treasuries are not paying for work until photographs of completed work are sent to the concerned desk,” LG Sinha said.

In response to the ‘Land to Landless’ initiative, LG Manoj Sinha said that the PMAY scheme is already in existence in places like as Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand, where land is designated primarily for people. “The same has been implemented in Jammu and Kashmir.” Non-J&K residents are not permitted to acquire agricultural property in the state. However, when I suggest that there will be investment in industries, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and so on, we must remember that such infrastructure will not be created in the sky. It will appear on land. “The people of Jammu and Kashmir have widely praised this decision,” he continued.

“We have given 199500 houses to those who do not have their own shelters under PMAY.” There were 2711 suitable candidates who contacted us and were handed 5 Marlas of land. Such judgements, in my opinion, should not be seen via a political lens. Those who exploited government land and thought it their own should recognise that times have changed. PM Narendra Modi has empowered the poor, farmers, and jobless throughout the nation, and J&K has been a part of this programme,” LG Sinha stated.

He said that J&K’s industrial policy is considerably superior than that of the rest of the nation. “We are providing substantial incentives.” I am pleased to report that the J&K UT has received over 80,000 crores in investment bids. “I am confident that 75,000 crores of investment will come in the future,” he continued.

He went on to say that over 28000 government employment had been granted to young people in the previous three years. “J&K already has more people in government services than other UTs and states in the country.” The investment will provide new job opportunities. Under various initiatives, the UT government has adopted multiple efforts for juvenile rehabilitation. For this reason, J&K has established a unique department called Mission Youth J&K. “Those young people who want to stand on their own two feet should approach Mission Youth J&K about starting their own businesses,” he stated.

Concerning Kashmiri Pandits, LG Sinha said that the J&K administration is doing all possible to settle their issues. “There was a plan to create 6000 jobs and 6000 homes for Kashmiri Pandits.” Previous governments conspired to keep KPs out of work and shelter. However, we have virtually filled these positions. Land has already been given for 6000 dwellings, and construction is well underway. The UT administration has built 1700 to 1800 residential homes for KPs, with more to follow in the following months. LG Sinha said that “by next year, the KPs will be provided with houses under the allotted quota.”

He said that a special officer for KPs has been assigned to our office, and district level officials have been established in all districts throughout J&K to handle their problems. “The UT administration communicates with the community.” Their requests, such as relocation to safer areas and promotions, are being met. We made it a key priority of the government. Many more projects for their care and rehabilitation are in the works. Furthermore, Kashmiri Muslims believe Kashmir Pandits are a part of Kashmir,” he said.

In response to a question, LG Sinha said that Kashmir was famed for film shooting in the 1980s, but as part of a well-planned strategy, this sector was severely damaged by terrorists. “Today, films are shot in tourist places. Cinemas are being built in Jammu & Kashmir. “The administration is improving infrastructure to help the tourism industry in J&K,” he said.

When questioned about PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s comments regarding firing workers, LG Sinha said anyone who secured government employment with the assistance of terrorists will be fired without hesitation. “Our great leaders have enacted provision 311 (c), which states that the services of anyone who poses a threat to the state and its security will be terminated.” “And I’m not sure why so few people are upset about it,” LG Sinha remarked.

On assembly elections, LG Sinha said that the UT administration is completely prepared, but it is up to the Election Commission of India (ECI) to make a decision. “Several measures were required to pave the way for assembly elections in the UT.” Voter lists are being delimited and revised. Few individuals are attempting to make political capital from it, but it is up to ECI to declare the timetable,” he said.

“In Parliament, the Union Home Minister announced the first delimitation, second election, and third statehood.” Those holding constitutional positions in the nation should understand the value of the Parliament’s pledge,” he continued.

According to LG Sinha, the Amarnath Yatra is more than just a religious pilgrimage; it also shows the culture of Jammu and Kashmir. In the previous 23 days, 3.20 million Yatris have paid their respects to the sacred cave, according to him. In comparison to past years, he claims that over 83000 Yatris had completed pilgrimage in the last three weeks. “Every segment of society, particularly Kashmiri Muslims, has participated in the Yatra.” It stimulates the local economy. Yatris are J&K’s brand ambassadors. Yatra was also conducted by overseas guests this year. I’d want to thank everyone for their efforts in making Yatra a success. (KNS)



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