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Go First Airlines will suspend flights until July 27. GoFirst stated that owing to operational issues, GoFirst flights planned until July 27, 2023, have been cancelled. A flight cancellation caused inconvenience.

The airline tweeted that it had applied for swift resolution and operations. Booking will resume shortly. We appreciate your patience.


Flying is permitted by DGCA

On July 21, the DGCA permitted Go First to fly with constraints. GoFirst’s regular flight delays indicate a problem. Go First is in insolvency. The firm ceased flying on May 3.

DGCA permitted these conditions

  • Airlines should always have an air operator certificate.
  • The aircraft should be airworthy.
  • Operate no aircraft without a handling flight.
  • The resolution professional must notify DGCA of any firm changes that affect the plan.
  • The resolution professional must supply the regulator with flight schedules, aircraft conditions, pilots, cabin crew, AMEs, and flight dispatchers.
  • The business is considering resuming flying operations using GoFirst’s operating aircraft.


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