GPS Aishmuqam receives praise for their creative instruction
GPS Aishmuqam receives praise for their creative instruction

Srinagar, December 3: The Government Primary School Lone Mohalla in the Aishmuqam zone of the Anantnag district has garnered recognition for the innovative teaching strategies used by the school employees.

Despite obstacles including inadequate infrastructure and few resources, two Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) instructors at the school are getting recognition for their efforts to mold children.


In a recently circulated viral video on social media, schoolchildren in the elementary class are shown participating in a unique activity meant to strengthen their communication and public speaking abilities. The school’s programs provide a comprehensive approach to education and are in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

The youngsters gave a powerful play on the annual day of the schools, emphasizing the struggles and sacrifices parents make to make sure their kids obtain a top-notch education.

The performances highlighted the steadfast dedication of parents to ensuring a brighter future for their children by portraying their challenges as parents.

In a different performance, kids took on the role of instructors to discuss winter health problems such as chest congestion and dry skin. In front of their parents and the community, the youngsters gave a presentation as experts and gave advice on how parents can prioritize their children’s safety by dressing warmly and avoiding potential fire dangers.

In order to improve students’ understanding of historical locations such as Dachigam National Park, Dal Lake, Char Chinar, Verinag, Kokernag, and other surrounding areas, the school’s professors have developed a novel idea: educational picnics. These excursions not only let kids have fun, but they also help them learn how to speak out in public with confidence.

Our kids now participate in public speaking events at our novel picnic idea, in addition to eating and having fun. We fully educate the pupils about these historical locations,” the educator said.

The school has undergone a dramatic transformation because of the work of the two ReT instructors, despite obstacles including a shortage of teachers and inadequate facilities. From 20 to 86 pupils, enrollment has skyrocketed as every parent in the hamlet chooses our school over private ones.

Each and every villager has enrolled their ward at this school. Seldom is someone from this neighborhood sending their child to a private school. The perception and reputation of the institution have been altered by our combined efforts and diligence,” the educator said.

The kids take an active role in a number of celebrations, such as the annual day, teachers’ day, children’s day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Back 2 Village activities. As a result of their creative programs, which have received great appreciation from the community, the instructors assigned to Government Primary School Lone Mohalla have shown their diligence and commitment.

“The civic community is praising our pupils very much for their creative program presentations. Primary school students find it difficult to talk in front of an audience, the instructor said.

The SSA and ReT teaching communities have been substantially responsible for the transition in student enrollment from private to government schools in numerous communities over the last several years, according to official numbers given by the education department.

SSA and ReT instructors have led the way in other departmental efforts in addition to increasing enrollment. Many students were able to access the online study resources that these professors created and the community courses they led throughout the epidemic.



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