Kaman Post
Kaman Post

The number of visitors increased to 5480 in June, and during the first part of July, an amazing 6570 people came to the final post in the nation.

Each and every resident of the nation now has the chance to see this historic place thanks to the opening of Kaman Post to civilians.


Over 100 people visit Kaman Post, Uri, on a daily average, and the numbers have been continuously increasing over the last few months, according to the official statistics.

4664 people visited the Kaman Post in May, including tourists from outside of J&K.

The number of visitors increased to 5480 in June, and during the first part of July, an amazing 6570 people came to the final post in the nation.

“It’s great to see the number of visitors rising each month. When tourists from outside J&K and locals visit Kaman Post, the Army is dedicated to making sure they are comfortable and convenient, an Army official told Greater Kashmir.

The Army has established a Kaman Post guests’ Reception Center at Uri Brigade Gate-I to assist the guests. In this instance, visitors must present their Aadhaar cards at the reception, and for group trips, just one member of the group must provide identity.

The Army official said that these steps “ensure a smooth and secure experience for all tourists.”

The Army has planned to build up refurbished convenience stores for the visitors in addition to snacks and other food due to Kaman Post and Uri’s rising popularity.

The purpose of this change is to improve the tour and the overall guest experience.

Both local and foreign tourists who visited Kaman Post, Uri, applauded the Army’s efforts to make their trip memorable.

An out-of-town visitor from Pune named Prasad Panse spoke about his time at Kaman Post and how easy and wonderful it was.

In the final week of June, I went to Kaman Post. We had a group of 12 individuals, yet we had no issues at all. It was extremely fantastic and easy to visit Kaman Post, Panse told Greater Kashmir. We were shown homes in PoK that were visible from this side of the border by the friendly local guides. There were absolutely no limitations or difficulties.

He said that they had to enter at two locations before being able to go to Kaman Post.

Panse said that photographing and carrying cell phones were also permitted.

The public opening of Kaman Post not only makes tourists happy but also encourages border tourism, enabling travelers to reach undiscovered locations in Kashmir.

The successful peace deal between India and Pakistan in February 2020 allowed the Army to decide to open Kaman Post for access.

Residents of Uri and other border regions like Keran, Teetwal, Machill, and Gurez now have reason to be hopeful and optimistic again thanks to this action.

The ancient Kaman Post, which had been off-limits for years, is now a symbol of peace and a potential tourism attraction.

The officer stated, “Visitors may now take in the rich history and breath-taking vistas that were hitherto limited.

It is obvious that the decision to designate Kaman Post Uri as a tourism attraction has been favorably accepted given the growing number of visitors that are visiting the area.

The border tourism industry is expected to thrive in these regions as long as Kaman Post continues to draw tourists.



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