AI concept offered by Mukesh Ambani for all Indian people Jio reports developing AI that is comparable to ChatGPT.
AI concept offered by Mukesh Ambani for all Indian people Jio reports developing AI that is comparable to ChatGPT.

Ambani brought up Jio’s intention to develop ChatGPT-like AI systems in an effort to fulfill their pledge to give India’s inhabitants with accessible AI.

Reliance Industries Ltd. chairman Mukesh Ambani reportedly said that the Jio platforms want to harness AI’s capabilities and make it available to the general people. For India to be competitive in the rapidly changing global market, Ambani emphasized the need of the country’s leadership in AI innovation.


He brought out Jio’s intention to develop ChatGPT-like AI systems in order to make AI accessible to Indian residents and to honor their pledge to fulfill this promise. “Jio promised broadband connectivity to everyone, everywhere, seven years ago,” Ambani said. We fulfilled our delivery. Jio is promising AI to everyone, everywhere, now. And we will provide.

The announcement’s main points are listed below.

1.He expressed his belief that all Indian businesses and government agencies should be equipped with AI capabilities, while also acknowledging the technology’s increasing potential. To realize the idea, he added, Jio platforms are working on creating AI systems specifically tailored for India. The world is changing due to a worldwide AI revolution, and before we know it, intelligent apps will completely transform and redefine whole sectors of the economy as well as everyday life. In order to maintain its position as a leader in innovation, development, and national prosperity, he said, India must use AI.
2.The Reliance Industries Group is growing its team and capabilities by focusing on cutting edge technologies like generative AI in order to keep up to date with all the newest advancements in AI.
3.He also said that due of its vast size, massive amount of data, and highly qualified workforce, our nation has the ability to play a major role in the global AI revolution. In addition, he discussed the need of a strong digital infrastructure to handle AI’s massive computing demands. “The scale is in India. The information is in India. India is talented. However, we also want digital infrastructure in India that can meet the enormous computing demands of AI,” he said

4.Reliance Industries is also making investments in AI-ready processing power with the goal of building 2000 MW of AI application capability. With its dedication to sustainability, cloud and edge computing are included in this initiative.
5.In order to position India as a worldwide powerhouse for AI innovation, Ambani’s statement highlights the revolutionary power of AI and Jio Platform’s commitment to creating AI that is accessible to all Indians.



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