One lady, 27 grooms, and a trail of shattered hearts in Kashmir: a story of deceit
One lady, 27 grooms, and a trail of shattered hearts in Kashmir: a story of deceit

When a single lady in Jammu and Kashmir married and defrauded as many as 27 guys, she took their jewels and money and crushed their hearts.

When the unwitting grooms, brought together by their common tragedy, arrived at a nearby police station, they were shocked to learn that they had all been victims of the same crafty lady, which brought the amazing narrative to a dramatic conclusion.


“I greatly wanted to be married, but my marriage was postponed by several years. Altaf Mir, a groom from Budgam, said that a local intermediary had contacted him and demanded that he give the woman $2 lakh.

The broker set up his marriage to the lady in April of last year after he paid Rs 2 lakh as meher, a compulsory payment or gift that the Muslim groom is expected to provide to the bride as part of the marriage contract.

After two weeks of marriage, she mysteriously disappeared after visiting her parents in Rajouri one morning.

In Kashmir’s Budgam area, the lady successfully exploited the hearts and minds of her gullible victims by deftly spinning a web of deception that crushed the aspirations of these optimistic grooms under the guise of love and marriage.

She would follow a predetermined script and be married to each guy, promising him her undying love, just to go out of nowhere, claiming she had to go see her parents.

The grooms had no idea that this was all a ruse to move on to the next victim.

The victims eventually put their eerily identical tales together as the awful truth about this deception became clear. They arrived at a police station in Kashmir’s Budgam area out of a common feeling of desperation when they learned the heartbreaking truth that their beloved spouses were nothing more than delusions and the lady who had won their hearts was really a skilled manipulator.

Another resident of Budgam, Nisar Ahmed, said that the lady visited the hospital with his mother before escaping.

A network of brokers worked behind the scenes to make the deceitful woman’s intricate marriage scams possible.

The brokers were instrumental in arranging the fictitious marriages, luring the grooms into a trap of deceptive promises out of avarice and disrespect for the sacredness of marriage.

Police have filed a complaint against the lady and are looking into it after being perplexed by her lie. They are also attempting to find the woman’s acquaintances.

The women’s aliases on the marriage paperwork were Zaheen, Ilayas, and Shaheena, and the lawyer for the victims, Abid Zahoor Andrabi, suspected a broader inter-district scam with several collaborators. Her genuine identity is still unknown.

As other victims filed charges, it became clear how extensive this woman’s illegal enterprise was. More than a dozen heartbroken grooms who had their trust betrayed found comfort in one another as they worked together to seek retribution.



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