Rahul Navin is appointed as the interim director of ED by the government
Rahul Navin is appointed as the interim director of ED by the government

New Delhi, September 15: The Central Government on Friday terminated the lengthy tenure of Sanjay Kumar Mishra by appointing ED Special Director Rahul Navin as in-charge Director of the Enforcement Directorate till the name of the permanent Director is announced or until further instructions.

“The President is pleased to order the cessation of tenure of Sanjay Kumar Mishra, IRS (IT:1984) as Director of Enforcement in the Enforcement Directorate on September 15, 2023 and placing Rahul Navin, IRS (IT:1993), Special Director, Enforcement Directorate as in-charge Director, Enforcement Directorate till appointment of a regular Director or until further orders, until further orders, whichever is earlier,” the government stated in an order.


In November 2020, Mishra’s first term as Director of ED will come to an end. He was appointed to the position in 2018. However, he received three service extensions from the Central government.

A change was made to the CVC Act to lengthen his term.

The Supreme Court decided on July 27 to extend the term of the Mishra, who was scheduled to leave office on July 31 in line with its most recent decision, until September 15.

A special bench of Justices B R Gavai, Vikram Nath, and Sanjay Karol said, “In ordinary circumstances we would not have accepted such an application… taking into consideration larger public interest, we permit the ED Director to continue until September 15, 2023.”

The bench stressed that it would not consider any more requests from the Centre to extend his employment, nevertheless.

Mishra will no longer occupy the position as of September 15/16, 2023, at midnight, according to the statement.

The judges questioned if the ED had another capable officer to handle the FATF review at the beginning of the session. “Are you not portraying your department as being full of inept officers? You only have one cop, what? Is the whole army not being demoralised by it? it questioned.



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