Due to dwindling attendance, the Amarnath Yatra will henceforth take place only every other day
Nadia Farooq

Rajouri, July 18: Vikas Kundal, the district development commissioner for Rajouri, presided over a meeting today to discuss the preparations for the annual Budha Amarnath Yatra.

The DDC urged the officials to prepare their departments’ plans at the meeting in order to minimize any disruption to the pilgrims. The DDC emphasized the need of offering the pilgrims reliable security measures, sufficient medical facilities, and other necessary amenities.


The need of making the essential preparations early on was also emphasized to the commanders. The DDC advised them to exert great effort and make every effort possible to ensure that everyone who participates in this spiritual trip has a meaningful and unforgettable experience during the yatra.

A widely regarded pilgrimage that attracts followers from all across the area is the Budha Amarnath Yatra. The devout use this time to connect with God and seek spiritual enlightenment. To ensure both the pilgrims’ safety and the success of the yatra, it is imperative that all plans be made.



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