Review of the action plan to speed up development in Jammu
Review of the action plan to speed up development in Jammu

Jammu: Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sachin Kumar Vaishya called a meeting to evaluate the action plan to quicken developmental activities and improve public welfare. The meeting also looked at the results and deliverables of various departments.

The DC engaged with officers in a thorough conversation, stressing the need for defining goals and guaranteeing the prompt delivery of benefits to the people, according to a statement released today by an official spokeswoman. He emphasised the need to exclusively help legitimate beneficiaries and, in this respect, established distinct goals for each department. During the discussion, the handcraft and handloom industries came under scrutiny.


The DC wanted to know about programmes that offered training in handicrafts. The Industries Department was also questioned over the registration of new businesses and the holding of exhibits.

The departments were advised to swiftly improve their progress metrics.

The conference covered a number of industries, including power, horticulture, irrigation, and food control, all of which were carefully examined. Activities of the Youth Services and Sports Department and campaigns to raise public knowledge of PM KUSUM were also thoroughly reviewed.

Additionally, on the agenda were the departments of agriculture and food supply.

The DC paid close attention to the talks from the Agriculture Department, which covered topics like the HADP programme and the marketing of certain crops.

The DC called for a shift in the dynamics and attitudes inside the departments in his speech.

He urged driven authorities to go on and use creative measures to accomplish their predetermined goals.

The DC urged departments to define recurring objectives, work tirelessly to attain them, and be responsible for all operations, emphasising the value of ownership and proactivity. The seminar included a range of topics, including floriculture, infrastructural development, tribal issues, and skill development.

The DC also examined the work of the Health and Medical Education Department, emphasising the comprehensive approach to development that encompasses public health and the TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan. District authorities and Additional Deputy Commissioners Harvinder Singh and Sandeep Seointra, as well as Chief Planning Officer Yoginder Katoch, attended the meeting.

The DC had earlier convened a meeting to discuss the Jal Jeevan Mission activities being done around the district and to provide directions for their expedition.

He gave the officers the authority to overcome obstacles and take all necessary measures to guarantee compliance and timely completion of the task.



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