SBI FD Scheme: Big Update! SBI extended the deadline for the higher-interest investment plan; invest now
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WeCare FD4 from SBI Investments in the SBI WeCare FD Scheme may be made up to March 31, 2024. This State Bank program is popular because it promises profits regardless of market conditions and is thus risk-free from an investing perspective.

It’s worth noting that SBI designed the WeCare Scheme with retirees in mind. This program allows seniors to establish good interest-bearing term deposits for 5–10 years.


The maximum rate of return on an SBI WeCare FD is 7.5% per year. This interest rate is 0.50 percent greater than the interest offered in conventional FD by SBI, and its term is also smaller.

Fixed deposit programs are rapidly growing in popularity as a result of their attractive safety and return characteristics. If you invest in a fixed-deposit account (FD), you may be eligible for a tax break under Section 15G or 15H of the Income Tax Act.



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