Senior day care centers are set to be established in Budgam and Srinagar
Senior day care centers are set to be established in Budgam and Srinagar

Nov. 23, Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Older Persons Council said today that it has chosen to open day care centers in Srinagar and Gopalpora. These centers would allow older people to get together, share their sadness and hardships, and voice their complaints and ideas.

During a news event in Wazirbagh Srinagar, Senior Advocate Abdul Rashid Hanjura, a well-known social crusader, said that the UT is setting up a senior citizen council to handle concerns pertaining to the state’s elderly population.


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It has been noted that elderly people without a source of income, including senior citizens, face several challenges. The government and society as a whole seem to be indifferent to these concerns, as seen by the fact that elderly people are not receiving timely monthly financial help.

The National Human Rights Panel in New Delhi received a plea on behalf of older persons, and the panel granted the petition’s request for grievance relief.

“Mass awareness-building is necessary to raise society’s awareness of senior citizens’ rights and to make younger people aware of their responsibilities to elders and parents.”



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