SSP Baramulla conducts an assessment of the current security situation
Nadia Farooq

Officers addressed a wide variety of vital topics, including anti-terrorist activities, the resolution of ongoing cases involving the UAPA and NDPS, and the protection of vulnerable individuals.

At a meeting held at the District Police Lines in Baramulla on July 7, the SSP for Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpure, presided over a crime and security review meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to examine and solve different concerns linked to police and security in the area.

During the course of the conference, the officers spoke about a variety of key topics, such as anti-terrorist activities, the resolution of pending UAPA and NDPS cases, the protection of vulnerable individuals, and the development of human and technological capital. According to a statement released by the police department, the officers were instructed to take the necessary steps to fight drug misuse and trafficking, as well as to strive towards the prevention of social crimes and cybercrimes.


The participating officers gave an assessment of the security situation in their respective districts and informed SSP Baramulla of the security measures that are being taken to prevent any possible threats from occurring.

During his conversation with the officers, the SSP of Baramulla stressed the significance of bolstering the counterinsurgency and security grids in each officer’s assigned territory. He also emphasised the need to take severe action against those who were involved in activities that were detrimental to the nation, as well as to maintain adequate surveillance over areas of concern.

They were also given the instruction to adopt a strategy that prioritises the needs of the public and to make certain that complaints from the public are handled in a prompt way. The police were also given the directive to pursue legal action against anyone engaged in the unethical mining of minerals.

The police had a major opportunity to discuss and address the many facets of responsible policing and security measures during the meeting, which served as a key platform for these activities. During the course of the discussion, they reiterated their commitment to working towards the upkeep of law and order in the area. The conference represented a significant advance towards the ultimate objective of providing the inhabitants of Baramulla with a setting that is free from danger and stress. It is anticipated that the steps that were discussed at the meeting will assist in the fight against crime and contribute to an improvement in the general security condition in the area.



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