Rawalpora Srinagar and nearby inhabitants suffer from unscheduled power outages
Rawalpora Srinagar and nearby inhabitants suffer from unscheduled power outages

Bandipora: Furious locals in the Nadihal hamlet of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district stated that severe power outages have affected their everyday lives and their children’s schooling.

Due to the erratic electrical supply, students stated they are unable to finish their assignments, participate in online courses, or do research.


Aamir Yousuf, a young PG student, claimed that his father could not afford to use any other type of power source besides the electricity that the PDD department gave them.

“My career is on the line,” he said, “as the power supply is consistently interrupted during peak hours.”

The parents are similarly upset and expressed their worry and agony about the situation since, in their opinion, pupils already face rivalry and stress, and the power outage just makes matters worse.

“These unforeseen power outages jeopardise the education of our kids. They already face difficulties from competitiveness, and these continual interruptions just increase their tension, according to Ghulam Nabi, a worried father and inhabitant of Nadihal village.

The power outages have also impacted household and professional tasks.

“We are having trouble doing our basic chores. Economic challenges for local business owners have resulted from the significantly disrupted business activities in the town, according to a citizen who asked to remain anonymous.

The locals made an urgent request to the district administration and the relevant authorities to resolve this problem and guarantee the village’s continuous electricity supply.



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