The GIs of J&K's goods will have a profound effect on the region's agricultural sector. LG Sinha,
The GIs of J&K's goods will have a profound effect on the region's agricultural sector. LG Sinha,

The ‘GI Mahotsav’, which will run for a week at Kashmir Haat in Srinagar, was officially opened today.

The Lieutenant Governor praised the Agriculture Production Department for hosting a fantastic event where farmers, artisans, business owners, and other interested parties from all over the country could come together to sell their wares and exchange ideas on how to best commercialise GI-tagged products.


It is the goal of Geographical Indications laws to safeguard and promote regionally or locally produced goods. The Lieutenant Governor said that the GI Tag was a valuable asset that might help stimulate the economy of Jammu and Kashmir by increasing the export of protected goods.

Several regional J&K items, including Bhaderwah Rajmash, Ramban Sulai Honey, Rajouri Chikri Wood Craft, Mushqbudji Rice, Basohli Painting, and Kashmir Saffron, have been granted GI Tags, which he claimed would safeguard them from fakes and unfair competition while also boosting their sales.

The Lt. Governor spoke at the opening ceremony, where he praised the efforts of the UT Administration, led by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, to emphasise the special qualities of J&K’s agriculture, food, and artisanal goods.

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir said, “The GIs of J&K products will be a game-changer for the rural economy, and the high quality of these products will benefit the entire community of producers.”

To revitalise rural economies, he advocated for a concerted effort to promote GIs. The Lt. Governor said that India’s more than 504 GIs showcase the rich history and cultural variety reflected in the country’s agricultural, artisanal, and textile industries.

To increase exports and obtain greater value on the worldwide market, he said, we need to safeguard and promote these items via brand positioning and an innovative marketing approach.

The Lt. Governor urged all stakeholders, including manufacturers, farmers’ groups, and government officials, to collaborate on improving the supply chain by enhancing the product, communication, and distribution network.

Moreover, he said, we must safeguard the interests of marginal farmers and small handicraft units by paying close attention to quality, product requirements, and regulations.

Minister of State for Commerce and Industry for the Union, Som Prakash, thanked the Lt Governor for coordinating the Gandhi Jayanti GI Mahotsav.

He reaffirmed the Central Government’s commitment to expanding opportunities for Jammu and Kashmir’s indigenous goods on both the domestic and international stages. A magazine on agriculture in the UT was also issued at the event, and the Lt. Governor handed out GI certificates for J&K’s goods. The Lt. Governor toured the booths featuring specialty and regionally-origin goods labelled with GI designations from all throughout the country.

Jammu and Kashmir’s GI goods, as well as those from around India, are on display at the over one hundred booths that make up the Kashmir Haat Exhibition Ground.



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