Tulip garden will open on March 23: Commissioner Secretary Floriculture
Tulip garden will open on March 23: Commissioner Secretary Floriculture

Srinagar, March 11: Asia’s largest tulip garden, situated in the foothills of the Zabarwan mountain range, will be thrown open on March 23.

The garden is scheduled to open on March 23, according to Commissioner Secretary Floriculture Sheikh Fayaz, who confirmed this to Greater Kashmir. He said that the necessary arrangements for this year’s Tulip exhibition are almost complete.
The officer said that on March 23, the world’s biggest tulip garden, located in the Zabarwan mountain foothills, would be accessible to the public.


In addition to increasing the park’s size, he said that the Department of Floriculture has planted five new tulip species this year in an effort to make Asia’s biggest tulip garden even more appealing to tourists.
Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad, Commissioner Secretary of Floriculture, presided over the meeting, which took place in this Civil Secretariat.

District Floriculture Officers, the Director of Floriculture in Kashmir, and other high-ranking officials from the department were also present at the meeting.

The Commissioner Secretary, speaking at the gathering, said that the department’s goal is to increase the Tulip Garden’s attractiveness to visitors from across the globe.

Our overall number of tulip types now stands at 73, with the addition of five new varieties this year. He firmly asserted that the addition of these new kinds will enhance the splendor of the garden and provide tourists with an exquisite experience.

He went on to say that the preparations for the next season, which will see the blooming of over one million tulips, had already been finished. He went on to say that in order to make sure that tourists had a good time at the tulip garden, the department had also added four kanals of land to the parking lot.

As a source of national pride for the floriculture department and a boon to Jammu and Kashmir’s tourist industry, Tulip Garden was recently inducted into the World Book of Records, according to Sheikh Fayaz. Plans are already underway to accommodate the expected surge in visitors to the Tulip Garden this year compared to last.

The numerous civil works in the garden, including face-raising, toilet points, soakage pits, lighting, a lightning system, and more, were noted by him. He then instructed the relevant parties to finish the remaining work.

He kindly requested that the DFOs check all of the districts’ parks to make sure they are clean and that all of the tourist amenities are operational. For the convenience of parkgoers, he argued, every park should include restrooms.

The officials have been ordered by Sheikh Fayaz to finish all the current tasks as soon as possible. He specifically requested that the Director of Floriculture keep a close eye on the progress of the projects to make sure they were finished on schedule.

Also discussed at length was the fact that seven more parks now have multi-activity playground equipment, bringing the grand total to fourteen, all provided by the Floriculture Department.

It is the department’s deliberate effort, according to Farooq Ahmad Rather, Director of Floriculture Kashmir, to make sure that kids have fun in the parks.

In order to prevent any unwanted events, he also issued clear instructions to the relevant officials to closely monitor the park equipment. He emphasized the need to promptly replace any broken equipment to guarantee the children’s total safety.



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