A senior citizen passes away under suspicious circumstances
A senior citizen passes away under suspicious circumstances

The deaths of two women in Rajouri and Poonch areas on September 5 are not clear.

A middle-aged woman died in the Thanamandi area under strange circumstances, so the cops are now looking into the case.


The woman who died, Nagina Begum, was the 40-year-old wife of Liyaqit Hussain, who lived in Mangota in Thanamandi Rajouri. Her family took her to a public hospital when her health got worse under strange circumstances.

Later, the woman died while being cared for at GMC Associated Hospital Rajouri, police said.

They said that the woman died under strange circumstances, so a probe and inquest have been started under CrPC 144.

Police in the Poonch district’s Mendhar sub division are looking into the strange death of a woman whose body was found in a rented house in the town.

Sadam Hussain Shah’s wife, Shahzia Kouser, was killed. She was 27 years old and lived in Kalakote, Rajouri. She was renting a house in Mendhar, where her husband worked as a worker.

On Tuesday morning, the husband of the deceased left his rented place to go to work. When he came back in the afternoon, he found his wife dead in the room.

Officials said that when they got the news, a team of police from the local police station went to the scene and took the body. Medical and legal procedures were done later.

The police also said that they had started to look into the matter.



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