Altaf Bukhari is concerned about the deaths of civilians in Poonch
Altaf Bukhari is concerned about the deaths of civilians in Poonch

Srinagar, June 22: Apni Party chief Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Thursday made an appeal to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, urging him to take the necessary action and announce the required confidence-building measures (CBMs) to facilitate the ongoing transformation towards a more peaceful and harmonious environment in the region. In his appeal, Bukhari emphasised the need for confidence-building measures (CBMs) to enhance the prevailing peace and strengthen democracy in Jammu and Kashmir.

While encouraging the Union Home Minister to announce CBMs, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari issued the following statement: “One of the major CBMs would be the announcement of assembly elections in J&K in order to enable the people to exercise their constitutional right to choose their own representatives, thereby promoting a stronger democratic process in the region.” This statement was issued here.


He made an impassioned plea to put an end to the practise of reimposing the Public Safety Act (PSA) on the inmates and said that since the circumstance has improved for the best in the area, there is no longer a need to keep folks locked up for a prolonged amount of time once again.

He said that the individuals who had been arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA) for their role in instigating violence and participating in actions that were against the national interest had experienced a major turnaround. Therefore, there is no need to re-impose the PSA on them again; rather, it is vital to evaluate the possibility of allowing them the chance to lead lives that are tranquil and normal. The recognition of the benefits that come from living in a calm atmosphere has had a profound effect on changing the way people think, particularly among the younger generation.

“Even those who previously believed in staying out of politics altogether are now eagerly awaiting the upcoming assembly elections so that democratically elected representatives can take control of the situation here. ” Because of this, the moment has come to take the necessary steps towards promoting peace and developing democracy in Jammu and Kashmir, which has been struggling with an atmosphere that is not favorable for quite some time now, spanning quite a few decades. Holding elections for the assembly will assist in building an atmosphere that is inclusive and participative, one in which the hopes and dreams of the people can be addressed in an effective manner, he noted.

He continued by saying, “Post-August 5, 2019, people in general felt a sense of political disempowerment and were deprived of their rights.” However, the conduct of elections in this location would alleviate the widespread feeling of political powerlessness among the populace.

The head of the Apni Party said that since Eid al-Adha and the beginning of the Amarnath pilgrimage are both approaching in the next few days, now is the appropriate time to go on with these kinds of projects.

“We know as a matter of fact that the militancy has taken a backstage in J&K and the people have been contributing to restoring normalcy here,” Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, stressing the release of the senior religious and political figures. “We know as a matter of fact that the people have been contributing to restoring normalcy here.” As a result, the moment has come to launch a variety of constructive efforts, including the release of significant religious leaders such as Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Moulana Abdul Rasheed Dawoodi, Moulana Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri, and others, as well as political figures such as Sheikh Rashid.

“The liberation of religious and political leaders will usher in a sense of optimism that will permeate the surrounding atmosphere. In addition, since these religious leaders have such a large amount of influence over the general population, they will be in a position to play a significant part in the fight against societal ills, such as the rampant drug usage that is prevalent in the Valley, he said.

Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, while welcoming the Amarnath Yatra, which will shortly begin, said that “the sprite of this traditional yatra has always played a pivotal role in fostering religious harmony, strengthening cultural bonds, and yielding significant economic benefits.”

He continued by saying, “Kashmiris have always shown their warm hospitality by welcoming the yatra with open hearts and minds and embracing pilgrims with open arms.” Therefore, it is very necessary for the government to have unshakeable faith in the people and to provide them with enough opportunity to exhibit their courteous hospitality to the yatris.



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