Another worldwide outage affects Facebook and Instagram
Another worldwide outage affects Facebook and Instagram

On the morning of June 17th, both Facebook and Instagram were down in New Delhi, displaying an error message upon loading and preventing users from accessing their accounts.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users have also reported being unable to send or receive messages.


We know that IG (Instagram) is now giving some of you trouble. Our goal is to restore normalcy as quickly as possible. Instagram tweeted its apologies for the outage, thanking users for their patience.

It took more than two hours to fix the problem.

All of Meta’s platforms experienced upsurges on the website downtime monitoring service Downdetector.

Earlier this month, Instagram had a temporary outage that affected thousands of users throughout the world, including those in India, due to a technical problem.

Many users vented their frustrations with the app by uploading jokes and GIFs about the platform on Twitter.

In May, the app and website for Instagram were both inaccessible for almost an hour, with users receiving errors stating that the app couldn’t refresh.

A business representative said that certain users throughout the world were experiencing difficulties accessing Instagram due to a technical problem.

Earlier this month, the WhatsApp messaging network, which is owned by Meta, had a worldwide outage, which affected users in India.

There were reports of users having trouble sending and downloading files, as well as some who couldn’t use WhatsApp on their mobile or desktop devices.

In January of this year, WhatsApp had a server-side problem that prevented users from updating the privacy option “who can see when I’m online,” internationally on iOS.



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