Aryans pharmacy students are hired by Zydus Pharmaceutical
Nadia Farooq

Srinagar, July 9: Students at Aryans College of Pharmacy keep getting good job offers from well-known companies in the country. Companies have hired the kids and will pay them well.

Prashant Kumar Pandey was hired by Zydus in Sikkim and given a salary of 3.8 LPA. Vikash Kumar Pandey and Deepak Kumar were hired by Biomax Biotechnics in Panchkula and given salaries of 3.5 LPA.


Chairman of the Aryans Group of Colleges, Dr. Anshu Kataria, was very happy and told the students that Aryans cares about their general growth.

“The group is always working to make sure that the kids get a good education. They are getting ahead because of how hard they work. After getting a job, the students’ faces also lit up with joy. The kids have said that their teachers and parents are to thank for their success.”



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