At Polo Ground, the District Srinagar Pencak Silat Championship starts
At Polo Ground, the District Srinagar Pencak Silat Championship starts

Srinagar, June 17: The two-day district tournament started today at the Indoor Hall Polo Ground in Srinagar. It was put on by the District Srinagar PencakSilat Association and the PencakSilat Association of J&K with the help of the J&K Sports Council.

More than 790 players from schools and groups all over the world are taking part in the tournament.


Mohammad Iqbal, who is in charge of the Indoor Sports Complex, was the most important person at the event.

J&K PencakSilat Association’s state and area leaders were also there.

M. Iqbal said at the event that the success of J&K players has gotten a lot better at both the national and foreign levels. This jump in performance is due to the fact that modern training facilities are available, players are being trained in a scientific way, and a strong sports culture has grown, he said.

Irfan Aziz Botta, the treasurer of the Indian PencakSilat Federation, said, “The participants will compete in different age groups, such as pre-teen, sub-junior, and junior, for both boys and girls. There will also be senior events for both men and women.”

He said that the best moulds from the event will be chosen for the state and national competitions that will be held this year.

At Jhelum Stadium Baramulla, the first game of the three-game series between South Kashmir Sports Council Cricket Academy and Baramulla Cricket Academy was played.

When they won the coin toss, the Baramulla Cricket Academy chose to play first. The team scored 154 runs in the 25 overs they were given, but they lost all of their wickets while trying to catch up.

Burhan did a great job bowling, giving up only 30 runs and getting 4 important wickets. His tight line and seam hurt his opponents so much that they couldn’t get back on their feet.



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