Baba Nagri Urs, the 127th Urs of Hazrat Mian Nizamuddin Kiyani (RA), is celebrated by tens of thousands of believers
Baba Nagri Urs, the 127th Urs of Hazrat Mian Nizamuddin Kiyani (RA), is celebrated by tens of thousands of believers

‘Dua Majlis’ (special prayers) were held Thursday morning to round off the 127th annual Urs of Hazrat Mian Nizamuddin Kiyani (RA) at Wangath (Kangan).

On Wednesday, tens of thousands of devotees from all over Jammu and Kashmir and beyond gathered at Baba Nagri in the Kangan area of Ganderbal district to celebrate the beginning of the two-day Urs.


Nighttime prayers included recitations of the Quran in three different styles: Khawani, Darood Azqar, and Khatmat-ul-Mozamaat.

Over the last several days, hundreds of trucks have brought thousands of worshippers to Wangath for the annual Urs and to pay reverence at the shrine, which is located at the foot of a mountain in a picturesque environment.

The woodland that surrounds the shrine is the site of several annual religious celebrations.

On the last day of the Urs, worshippers gathered together to pray for the well-being of all the people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Each year, the shrine is visited by tens of thousands of worshippers from all over Jammu and Kashmir, but especially from Rajouri, Doda, Udhampur, Poonch, Kishtwar, Shopian, Kathua, Doda, Anantnag, Kupwara, Mendhar, Bandipora, and Baramulla.

Syed Zulfikar, a devout resident of Poonch, remarked, “I have been coming here for the past 10 years.”

Sajadh Nasheen Baba Ji Sahab Larvi, Wangath, Mian Altaf Ahmad, who is the son of famous religious figure and veteran Gujjar leader late Mian Bashir Ahmad, spoke at the event and spoke highly of Hazrat Baba Nizamuddin (RA) and late Mian Bashir Ahmad Larvi.

He pressed on the audience the need of serving others and of adhering to the example set by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Mian Altaf urged the faithful to remain consistent in their prayers and to uphold values of brotherhood and amity.

He sent a message to young people, telling them to respect authority and avoid participating in societal ills like drug abuse.

Parents, Mian Altaf urged you to keep an eye on your kids so they may have a brighter future.

Other religious leaders spoke, too, shedding insight on the life and activities of Hazrat Baba Nizamuddin (RA) as a religious leader and humanitarian.

According to Mian Altaf, who spoke with Greater Kashmir, thousands upon thousands of Jammu and Kashmiris attended this year’s Urs.

According to him, the number of believers was staggering and growing rapidly.

Mian Altaf said that prayers were offered for the people of Jammu and Kashmir to live in peace and prosperity together.

He expressed appreciation to the government for their assistance to the devotees during the Urs.

Extensive preparations for the Urs were undertaken by the civil administration, J&K Police, Traffic Police Rural, and Health Department.

Devotees’ travel along Mughal Road was aided by the Poonch district authorities.

The administrator of the temple claims that all year long, pilgrims may take advantage of a free 24-hour langar.

Mian Mehar Ali, who was in charge of the preparations, informed Greater Kashmir that “on Urs days, the shrine management arranges a special langar where food is prepared for thousands of people.”



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