On the first anniversary of Vajpayee's death, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute, saying,
On the first anniversary of Vajpayee's death, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute, saying, "India benefitted greatly from his leadership"

Bhopal, June 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi argued for the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) on Tuesday. He said that the country can’t be run with “two laws” when the Constitution of India says that everyone is equal. He asked why different family members could have to follow different rules.

“Can a family work if people live by two different sets of rules? How will a country work then? “Our Constitution also says that everyone has the same rights,” PM Modi said today to party workers in Bhopal as part of the BJP’s “Mera Booth Sabse Majboot” campaign. The Prime Minister also said that people are being stirred up in the name of the Uniform Civil Code.


He said that politicians that tried to make everyone happy had hurt a lot of people, including the Pasmanda Muslims.

“The politics have hurt the Pasmanda Muslims. Some people are trying to destroy the country by using the politics of surrender. PM Modi said, “The people who work for the BJP should go to the Muslims and explain this to them. They should teach them so that they don’t fall for this kind of politics.”

“If they really cared about Muslims, the Muslim brothers wouldn’t be poor…The Supreme Court has also asked that the UCC be put into place. But these people only want votes,” Modi said, blaming the country’s Opposition of using soft politics to win votes.

The Prime Minister asked that if the usage of triple talaq was an essential part of Islam, why wasn’t it used in Muslim-majority countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan?

“I think that people who support triple talaq are trying to get votes by being nice. They treat our Muslim sisters badly just to get votes. Some people think this is only a problem for women, but it isn’t. The whole family is hurt by triple Talaq. PM Modi said, “If the practise was so important to the community, it would not have been taken away from Muslim countries.”

“I was in Egypt the day before, where almost 90% of the people are Sunni. About 80 to 90 years ago, they got rid of Triple Talaq. They got rid of triple talaq between 80 and 90 years ago. If Triple Talaq is an important part of Islam, why doesn’t it exist in these countries? Why doesn’t triple talaq happen in Qatar, Jordan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Indonesia? PM Modi said.



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