Concerned about the inconsistent power supply in Kashmir, KCCI asks LG to get in
Concerned about the inconsistent power supply in Kashmir, KCCI asks LG to get in

Nov. 4, Srinagar: On Friday, the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCC&I), the top commercial association in the region, voiced dissatisfaction with the inconsistent power supply in Kahsmir and requested the direct participation of Lieutenant Governor (LG) J&K Manoj Sinha.
The trade association said in a statement that it has been carefully observing and evaluating the unusually unstable power supply in the Kashmir Valley over the last several months, which has had a major impact on a number of businesses, homes, and trade.

Regarding the ‘unreliable’ and ‘contradictory’ practices being followed by the Kashmir Electricity Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) to ensure regular electricity supply to customers, KCC voiced worry and displeasure.


It’s odd that the department guaranteed customers a continuous and faultless supply of electricity when it first started installing smart metres. Nevertheless, because of the very unpredictable power supply for most of the year, this promise has not been kept in reality. Rather than ensuring a steady supply, the KPDCL released a timetable for electricity,” the complaint says.

But shockingly, the KPCDL has utterly failed to adhere to the stated timetable, which has made the suffering of all kinds of customers much worse. It seems that the Department is always falling short of the expectations of the public and, in addition to using a variety of lame excuses, is also spreading incorrect information,” the statement continued.

In order to alleviate the crisis brought on by the power deficit, KCCI also reminded the KPDCL of their declaration from a few weeks ago that it had purchased electricity from Uttar Pradesh and was in talks to purchase additional from the central grid.

Nothing has transpired subsequently, and the Department even announced a power restriction prior to the start of winter, when demand for electricity is lower than it is during the severe months. In light of the lack of regular power supply during the harsh winters, the KCC&I said that it would like the Lt. Governor to personally intervene, order concerned officials to take action to ensure that consumers have access to power, and lessen the suffering of consumers, especially those in the industries, tourism sector, industrial estates, CA stores, shopkeepers and traders, senior citizens, sick, students, health, and education. (Esc)

As a result of the ongoing and growing power problem, the KCCI further said that although the government is spending billions of rupees promoting tourism, “the helpless tourists not only face a tough time but become bad publicity for our tourism.”

It went on, “KCCI expects KPDCL to demonstrate some responsibility towards the beleaguered population, to put it mildly.”



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