PM inaugurates 9th G20 P20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit
PM inaugurates 9th G20 P20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit

Bhopal, June 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the opposition on Tuesday, saying that they were only working together to get out of jail.

He said that every leader at the meeting in Patna was being charged with crime.


At a public gathering in Bhopal’s Motilal Nehru Stadium, Modi said that a new word, “guarantee,” had been made. He called “guarantee” “corruption and scams.”

“Corruption and scams are what they (the party) promise. Each leader at the meeting “guarantees” scams worth Rs 20,000 crore, and the Congress “guarantees” scams worth several lakh crore. “Some of them are free on bail and talk about what it was like to be in jail,” Modi said.

In response to a BJP worker’s question about the opposition meeting, Modi said, “They’re afraid they might have to go to jail. This is the only reason they are trying to trick people before the election.

He said that if the resistance was “guaranteed to be corrupt,” then he was “guaranteed to throw them all in jail.”

“Today, I’m also giving the people of India a promise. People who take part in cheating will go to prison. “Those who have cheated poor people and made a lot of money for themselves will be punished harshly by the agencies that look into it,” Modi said.

Modi first talked about the opposition’s meeting in Patna in Bhopal.

On June 23, a meeting of the opposition took place while he was in the US for a four-day state visit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told workers for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday that they should get to know people at the grassroots level and act as a bridge.

He told the worker that the BJP is a party that is based on its members and works at the local level.

“You need to make friends with the people and show them that you’re there for them when they need help. You are the first person in a long queue of people who work for the party. He told her, “You are the one who talks to the people directly, and others depend on you.”

During the start of the national project “mera booth-sabse mazboot” at the Motilal Nehru stadium in Bhopal on Tuesday, the Prime Minister told party workers about some steps they could take.

The plan, which was Modi’s idea, was started in Madhya Pradesh, which is going to the polls later this year, to support the party’s workers.



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