From Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park, a section of the boulevard has been designated as a
Nadia Farooq

The District Administration of Srinagar has designated the area between Badyari Chowk and Nehru Park as a “No Halt Zone” for cars as part of the decongestion framework to guarantee the free flow of traffic along the Boulevard Road axis.

In this regard, Chairman Regional Transport Authority (District Magistrate, Srinagar) Mohammad Aijaz Asad has issued an order stating that the entire Boulevard road is crowded with locals and tourists, especially during the current season, and that congestion and traffic jams are commonplace in the area due to the unauthorised halt of vehicles.


In addition, the order states, “a number of vendors also gather on the said road stretch of the Badyari Chowk to Nehru Park as it is interspersed with a high density of houseboats, business establishments, hotel and restaurants on both sides, besides autos, taxis and private car owners park their vehicles on the main road that often leads to traffic congestion and inconvenience to the commuters and tourists.”

The order went on to say that residents of Nishat, Shalimar, Harwan, and the surrounding wards/villages have complained repeatedly about the traffic congestion along the Boulevard road, and that the government has received numerous requests to address the issue.

Therefore, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) meeting has discussed the matter at length, and all parties involved have agreed that action must be made to improve traffic flow on the boulevard route.

With this in mind, the section of Boulevard Road between Badyari Chowk and Nehru Park has been designated as a “No Halt Zone” for all vehicles, and the Traffic Police and Enforcement agencies, including the District Police, have been instructed to make sure that no vehicles are left parked along the roadside and that no linear stops are permitted.

If the order is disobeyed, a fine will be imposed in accordance with current regulations.

Signage boards to that effect must be placed at visible locations on both sides of the road, and this responsibility falls on the Chief Executive Officer, Srinagar Smart City, and the relevant Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department.

Business owners in the area should assist their customers in finding parking in their lots and should hire security guards or other people to enforce parking regulations.



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