An Indian PUBG player has been discovered living with a Pakistani lady
Nadia Farooq

Indian authorities said that on Monday, a 27-year-old Pakistani lady was seized by police in Gautam Buddha Nagar after she had reportedly been residing in the Greater Noida neighbourhood of Rabupura for the last month. She had allegedly entered India without a visa through Nepal.

The lady was reportedly captured in Mathura, according to the authorities. Seema Gauhar Khan (22) from Pakistan and Sachin (22) from India were reported to the police as living together in the Rabupura region without proper documentation. The informant also shared that the wife and her four kids were now residing in the same residence. In addition, Seema and Sachin connected via their shared love of the video game PUBG.


The Rabupura Police Station had learned that a Pakistani mother and her four kids were wandering the streets. Rabupura police were able to track down the lady with the use of local intelligence, electronic monitoring, and foot patrols after receiving a tip. She identified herself as “Seema Ghulam Haider,” and she told police that she had met Sachin, a local of Rabupura, via the PUBG video game before travelling to India through Nepal to live with him, according to Ashok Kumar, ADCP of Greater Noida.

The police made contact attempts after getting information. But they were already far gone. After forming a team, the police began a search operation and eventually took them into custody.

Kumar added, “We are checking the documents of the woman to verify that if she has valid visa or she entered illegally in the country.” Both of them are now being questioned, and other authorities have been made aware of the situation. After the investigation is complete, we will provide further information.



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