Lack of exercise throughout infancy may result in cardiac problems later in life: Study World
Lack of exercise throughout infancy may result in cardiac problems later in life: Study World

In the next days, the results of a research conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on whether or not COVID immunisation increases the risk of heart attacks in young people will be made public.

We are investigating unexpected fatalities. We have four active studies. Rajiv Bahl, ICMR’s DG, said IANS that the organisation will soon have the data and share them with the public after continuing to examine the issue from a variety of perspectives in an effort to determine whether or not mortality rates had increased.


In his words, “we are trying to see what are potential causes,” and the ICMR is now waiting for a peer review before making their assessment public. Bahl elaborated by saying the deceased are cases and the living are controls.

A case-control study is a kind of research design. The Director General of the ICMR noted that a wide variety of characteristics, such as age, morbidity, lifestyle, mode of infection, severity of disease, vaccination status, and more, were all present.

He also said that the initial research was evaluating individuals with severe cases of COVID-19.

They were tracked for nearly a year after they were released from the hospital. Few died, but many made it through the ordeal alive. Out of the 14,000 people tracked, 600 died. We have questioned their family members and are now doing an analysis,” he said. And the survivors were put through rigorous testing and evaluation. First and foremost, we have this report.

The second investigation, he said, is looking into unexpected fatalities recorded at various locations around India. The third research looks at those who have overcome cardiovascular or thromboembolic events. In contrast, the fourth research looks at unexpected deaths.

Deaths among AIIMS patients aged 18-45 are being studied in the future as well. In order to evaluate patterns before COVID-19 in 2018-2019, autopsies are being performed to ascertain the reason of death.

We’ll investigate to see whether the root reasons have changed or stayed the same. That will help us figure out why this is occurring. The ICMR DG pleaded for the study’s completion.

He also said that the ICMR took into account a significant sample.

“With a small sample size, we would not be able to say anything confidently,” Bahl said. “Once we have finished our review, we will make an announcement.”



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