IGP CID Nitish Kumar talks with KU students about a new job scheme that is the first of its kind
IGP CID Nitish Kumar talks with KU students about a new job scheme that is the first of its kind

Srinagar, June 27: Nitish Kumar, a senior IPS officer who is currently the Inspector General of Police for CID J&K, met with students at the University of Kashmir on Tuesday.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nilofer Khan, was in charge of the special session, which was put on by the university’s Directorate of IT & SS and Department of Computer Sciences.


In his special comments, Kumar said that the J&K Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is starting a big job scheme that will give interns a lot of experience in many IT-related areas of the J&K police department.

“This hands-on job scheme will help the interns improve their skills and give the Police Department a chance to learn from these young minds. “It’s a two-way module that’s meant to get students interested in learning about new challenges in areas like cyber security, social media, etc.,” Kumar said.

He said that only a few students will be chosen for the paid job scheme, which will last for three months. Those students will be chosen based on an application style that includes all the important qualifications and other requirements.

Mr. Kumar told IT students to “run in the right direction” to catch the fast-moving AI bus and get ready for the new challenges brought by AI and its offshoot apps like ChatGPT.

“You need to understand what the market wants today so that you can align your career paths and grow in this field, which is full of challenges,” he said. “This is the age of start-ups and unicorns, and students must create their own start-ups to become the owners of unicorns of tomorrow.”

Prof. Nilofer Khan said in her speech as president that the job scheme is a great way for young people to get hands-on training in the field. She promised that the University would back any efforts to help students that helped the school connect with government agencies like the J&K Police Department.

Dr. Nisar A. Mir, who is the Registrar of KU, talked about how the University is working with different areas to find jobs for its students. He thanked CID for coming up with the idea of the training scheme.

Dr. Maroof Qadri, who is the Director of IT and SS, told the audience about where the job scheme came from and talked about some of the Directorate of IT and SS’s accomplishments, projects, and new ideas.

Dawood Ayoub, SSP CID Headquarters, spoke first about the internship scheme, which was the first of its kind.

Head of Department of Computer Science Javaid Iqbal was also there.

Later, there was a question-and-answer session where the students could talk with Nitish Kumar about links between education and business as well as the planned job programme.

KU and CID officials, like Senior Prosecuting Officer Zahid Nazir, were present at the event.



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