A young guy was found dead in Rajouri, hanging from a tree
A young guy was found dead in Rajouri, hanging from a tree

Rajouri, June 27: A 30-year-old man from the village of Khour in Jammu, who was working as a labourer in a shop in Nowshera in Rajouri, was found hanging in the village of Bareri in Nowshera. His death was a mystery.

The body of the deceased was found between Monday night and Tuesday morning. After that, the police started looking into the case, while the deceased’s family held a protest by stopping the National Highway and saying that the death was the result of a plot.


The person who died has been named as Parveen Kumar, who was 30 years old. He was the son of Jeet Kumar, who lived in Malla Parore, Khour, Jammu, but now lived in ward 7 of Nowshera town.

Police said that the man who died worked at a store in Nowshera, while his wife and a young child lived in a place where renters live.

The police said, “The body of the dead man was found hanging from a pole in the Bareri village of Nowshera between Monday night and Tuesday morning. The body was taken to SDH Nowshera, where doctors also pronounced the young man dead.”

At the sub district hospital in Nowshera, the body of the person who died was also given a postmortem examination and legal procedures were taken care of.

On the other hand, the family of the dead person held a protest rally, saying that their son’s death was caused by a well-planned plot.

The family members first gathered at the gate of the police station in Nowshera. They then went to the Nowshera bridge on the Jammu Rajouri Poonch national highway and blocked traffic there.

The family members shouted chants and asked for a thorough investigation. They said that this was not a suicide by hanging, but a well-planned plot and murder, for which the suspects should be arrested and a full investigation should be done.

Because of this protest, cars couldn’t move on the Jammu Rajouri Poonch national highway.

Later, SHO Nowshera and SDPO Nowshera went to the protest site and told the people there that an investigation had already begun and that it would be put to a reasonable end.

On this promise, the protest ended and cars were allowed back on the highway.



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