Rawalpora Srinagar and nearby inhabitants suffer from unscheduled power outages
Rawalpora Srinagar and nearby inhabitants suffer from unscheduled power outages

10 June, Srinagar: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) said on Saturday that energy is being delivered based on availability and that no power curtailment schedule has been published in the Valley.
Chief Engineer of KPDCL Javed Yousuf Dar told the Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that there has been no circular about power cuts in Kashmir. When queried about rumours of a two-hour power cut in the morning and evening, he stated, “The KPDCL has not announced any power curtailment.”

However, he assured them that the KPDCL has been prudently controlling the flow of power to residents in accordance with available resources.


“The electricity is being made available by JKPCL and we have been maintaining the electricity as per the availability and thus we have to go for the power curtailments because of the power availability issue at present,” he said.

He said that JKPCL has last say on the matter, thus there is no way to know how long it will last.

Consumers in Kashmir have been complaining about frequent and unpredictable power outages for some time, claiming that there is no power schedule and that they are left in the dark without warning.

Jammu and Kashmir’s power supply was reduced by 25 percent unexpectedly on June 5th, according to KNO, causing a “temporary power deficit in the UT.”

According to officials with knowledge of the situation, 25% of J&K’s electricity supply was interrupted without “any clear reasons.”

The electricity department in Jammu is only making minimal cutbacks due to the high temperatures, thus the strain will be felt most in the Kashmir area.



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