Reliance JioSpaceFiber is India's first satellite-based gigabit internet service
Reliance JioSpaceFiber is India's first satellite-based gigabit internet service : File Pic

October 27 (ANI): in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. A major player in India’s telecoms market, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, has introduced JioSpaceFiber, the country’s first satellite-based gigabit broadband service, which will help provide high-speed internet to India’s outlying areas.

Reliance Jio announced the launch on Friday at the India Mobile Congress in an official press release, with the stated goal of bringing high-speed internet to underserved regions. The whole country of India will soon be able to get JioSpaceFiber at very low rates.


With the launch of JioSpaceFiber, Reliance Jio hopes to make digital inclusion a reality for every family. The company now provides high-speed internet services to more than 450 million Indian clients.

In addition to JioFiber and JioAirFiber, this satellite-based service will guarantee that consumers and businesses everywhere have access to high-quality, low-latency internet and entertainment.

The satellite network will also increase mobile backhaul capacity, making Jio’s True5G network more widely available and scalable.

Jio teamed up with SES to use cutting-edge MEO satellite technology for this massive undertaking.

Using SES’s O3b and future O3b mPOWER satellites, JioSpaceFiber will disrupt the broadband market by making high-speed Internet accessible to everyone in India at an affordable price and without sacrificing dependability or adaptability.

Four of the most distant areas in India—Gir in Gujarat, Korba in Chhattisgarh, Nabarangpur in Odisha, and ONGC-Jorhat in Assam—have already been linked to JioSpaceFiber as a proof of concept for the service.

As the Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Akash Ambani, emphasised the importance of this launch, stating, “Jio has allowed millions of families and companies in India to experience broadband internet for the first time. We can now reach the millions who are still without internet access, thanks to JioSpaceFiber.

According to Ambani, “JioSpaceFiber will allow everyone, everywhere, to fully participate in the new digital society with gigabit access to online government, education, health, and entertainment services” .

“Together with Jio, we are honoured to support the Government of India’s Digital India initiative with a unique solution that aims at delivering multiple gigabits per second of throughput to any location in India,” said John-Paul Hemingway, Chief Strategy Officer at SES Networks.

remarked Hemingway, “Our first fibre-like services from space are already deployed today in parts of India, and we cannot wait to see how this will lead to digital transformation even in the most rural parts of the country.”

Reliance By bringing high-speed internet to even the most rural regions of the nation, Jio’s JioSpaceFiber represents a watershed moment in India’s digital revolution and is in line with the goal of a genuinely digital India. (ANI)



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