Naranag's development requirements have been examined
Naranag's development requirements have been examined

Ganderbal, June 11: Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, visited Naranag region of Ganderbal district today and examined development requirements of the area, in addition to talking with PRI leaders and residents to take stock of their difficulties and concerns.

The visit is part of the UT administration’s commitment to bringing good government to the people’s doorsteps.


Advisor Bhatnagar addressed a broad variety of concerns with people, including access to excellent education and healthcare, mobile connection, environmental protection, and tourist marketing in the region.

Local inhabitants offered their difficulties, hopes, and solutions for furthering the area’s growth and well-being.

While speaking with PRI leaders and residents, Advisor Bhatnagar said that the current LG-led government is dedicated to the welfare of all segments of society. Over the last three years, the government has gone out to the general public via different programmes such as Back to Village, Block Divas, and others. He went on to say that the administration is concentrating on joint efforts between the government and the people to achieve a common vision of growth and prosperity.

Advisor reminded PRI and local members that the government is committed to serving the people and ensuring that their opinions are heard. He went on to say that the current administration has promised to promote grassroots involvement and to build an inclusive and transparent governance system across Jammu and Kashmir.

During the conversation, PRI members and residents highlighted a variety of problems and concerns about the area’s developmental requirements.

Advisor and requested urgent remedy of their issues.

While talking with PRI members, the advisor emphasised that the current administration has strengthened Panchayat Raj Institutions and that their thoughts and proposals are part of the government’s basic development initiatives. He told them that all difficulties will be resolved as soon as feasible.

Later, the adviser assessed the infrastructure of the Government Primary and Middle Schools. He instructed the authorities in charge to maintain all essential utilities operational on the campuses of these institutions.



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