"Preventive measures must be taken to stop drug abuse"

Srinagar, June 26: SKIMS Medical College Bemina held an event against drug addiction and illegal trafficking as a show of unity against the rising danger of drug addiction and illegal trafficking.

Famous people and future doctors got together to talk about this important problem. They focused on protection, support, and breaking the chains of shame.


Under the theme “People First: Stop Stigma and Discrimination, Strengthen Prevention,” the college theatre turned into a place for conversations, ideas, and inspiration. Some of the guests, like Khurshid Ahmad Ganai, who used to be the Governor’s advisor, and Prof. Bashir Ahmad Laway, who is the Dean of SKIMS Deemed University, spoke up for the cause.

The experts talked about the worrisome rise of drug abuse and the terrible effects it has on people, families, and society as a whole with emotion and urgency. The message was loud and clear: addiction is not a choice; it is a problem that needs to be treated with respect and care.

Dr. Abdul Majid, who is a Professor and Head of Psychiatry at SKIMS Bemina, took the stage to talk about the importance of early intervention and preventive tactics through broad awareness programmes. He talked about how important families and communities are and called for a united front against relapsing, which is a common problem for people who are trying to get clean from drugs. Dr. Majid also told the young people to use their energy in sports and other fun activities. This would give them a good way to deal with their problems.

Khurshid Ganai brought to light the fact that there needs to be more study on drug abuse. He called attention to the serious problems that often go along with addiction, such as mental diseases, Hepatitis B and C, and even HIV/AIDS. His words showed again how important it is to find answers that cover both physical and mental health.

Prof. Irfan Rubbani, the head of SKIMS Medical College, stressed how important it was to improve mental health services at the school. By doing this, he hoped to make the town healthier and give it a better future. Other speakers, like Ghulam Jeelani Nahvi, Dr. Bashir Ahmad Dar, Dr. Nighat Jabeen, Dr. Mohammad Maroof Shah, and Zaffar Iqbal, all said the same thing, but each focused on a different part of preventing addiction, building support networks, and getting rid of the shame that comes with it.

As soon as the group talk was over, the SKIMS Medical College students were ready to show off their skills and knowledge in a paper and presentation challenge. As the future doctors shared their study on addiction and ways to stop it, the room was full of ideas and creativity. The winners, whose minds were full of ideas and whose hearts were ready to make a difference, were honoured and given gifts and medals of gratitude.

A huge number of department heads, staff members, and eager players came to the event. The competition judges, Dr. Nizam ud Din, Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Teli, and Dr. Beenish, were all experts in their own fields. They carefully looked at all of the entries and chose the best ones.

Assistant Professor of Community Medicine Dr. Yasmeen Jan gave an emotional vote of thanks and thanked everyone who helped make the event a great success. The SKIMS Medical College community left the theatre that day more determined than ever to fight drug abuse, armed with information, kindness, and a strong desire to build a society.



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