"Drugs are linked to 95% of theft cases in Srinagar"

Srinagar, June 26: Today, the Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar said that drugs are the main cause of most crimes in Srinagar and the rest of Kashmir. This was a shocking admission. He said that statistics show that drug use is behind 95% of thefts.

Mohammad Aijaz, the DC of Srinagar, said at a lecture for International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that steals were very rare in Srinagar ten years ago, but they happen all the time now. “Recently, I got some information from the police, and when I looked at it, it was shocking to see that 95 percent of the thefts involve drugs,” he said.


He said that crime was also going up in Srinagar and other areas, and that a lot of it was due to drugs. He said, “Horrible crimes are happening, which were unheard of in this part of the world before.”

When he talked about how the government dealt with the problem of drug abuse, he said that Mission Wapsi handled drug addicts like victims and drug dealers like thieves. “We have no tolerance for peddlers, and in the last year we have charged 35 of them under the Public Safety Act (PSA),” he said. The DC also said that more than 200 FIRs had been filed because of drug cases.

He said that to fight addiction, everyone needs to work together. He said, “The Union Home Ministry has set up Coordination Centres in different states so that people can share information and learn about drugs.”

“This fight needs to be fought in several places, both inside and outside of Srinagar, in other districts, states, and countries,” he said.



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