Rajouri, June 25: Rain fell for the second day in a row in the Pir Panjal region on Sunday, giving people a much-needed break from the hot summer weather.

People in Nar village of Poonch’s Mendhar sub division saved a man from a flooded riverlet in Nar village. The water level and flow of many rivers in the area rose quickly. Reports say that the rain that started in Rajouri and Poonch district areas on Saturday night kept going on Sunday, with some areas getting rain all day and the rest getting rain at regular intervals.


People in the area saw better weather because of the rain, which gave them a much-needed break from the high heat and humidity.

On the second day, rain caused the water level in many rivers in the twin districts to rise quickly. Many rivers were seen to grow.

On Sunday afternoon, the water level in the main Darhali river that flows through Rajouri town rose sharply. Many people were seen standing on bridges to look at the swollen river.

“Since Monday, it has been very hot and humid, but heavy rain has given us a much-needed break,” said Azad Ahmed of Rajouri.

He said that after this rain, the temperature has gone down and the humidity has also gone down.

In Nar village of Poonchs’ Mendhar sub division, a local man was pulled out of a river after getting stuck in it because the water level rose quickly.

Officials said that a man from the village was trying to cross a small riverlet in Nar Mendhar when the water level rose and he got stuck.

“It was a scary situation, but some brave villagers saved the man’s life by pulling him out of the little river,” the officers said.

On the other hand, officials in Rajouri and Poonch said that there are no news of anyone dying because of the rain at this time.



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