Report claims that a woman's Apple Watch prevented a potentially fatal blood clot
Report claims that a woman's Apple Watch prevented a potentially fatal blood clot

San Francisco, June 20: According to reports in the media, an Apple Watch roused a lady from a snooze just in time to save her from suffering a possibly fatal blood clot.

According to AppleInsider, Kimmie Watkins made the decision to take a sleep on a day when she wasn’t feeling particularly well so that she might feel better overall.


She blamed her lightheadedness and dizziness on the fact that she hadn’t eaten enough food.

Her Apple Watch awoke her at 178 beats per minute to alert her that her heart rate was too high for her to maintain a deep slumber for very long.

Watkins stated that the Apple Watch awoke her with an alert that informed her that her heart rate had been abnormally high for an extended period of time.

Therefore, for more than ten minutes, it was at an unsafe level.

During Watkins’s visit to her doctor, the latter informed her that she suffered from a saddle pulmonary embolism.

Watkins discovered that she had a clotting condition despite the fact that she had no history of cardiac problems in the past.

According to the story, she is presently attempting to recover her strength while also taking medication to thin her blood.

The owner of an Apple Watch had their life saved in February of this year after the device alerted them to a rapid pulse after they had woken up from a sleep, which ultimately led to the diagnosis of serious internal bleeding.

During this time, a pregnant lady has said that the wearable gadget is responsible for saving both her life and the life of her unborn child when it alerted her to an unusually high heart rate.



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