The BJP's objective J&K promotes equal empowerment: Devender Singh Rana
The BJP's objective J&K promotes equal empowerment: Devender Singh Rana

Srinagar, 12 June: Senior BJP leader Devender Rana said on Monday that the UPA government led by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi decided to hand over strategic Siachen to Pakistan in 2006 at the behest of foreign powers, most likely as a result of a quid pro quo involving the provision of personal benefits to certain individuals.

While speaking to the BJP Karykartas of the Loni Assembly Constituency in Ghaziabad, Rana made this statement.


According to Rana, the country’s defence would have been jeopardised and Pakistan and China would have had the upper hand if the action hadn’t been halted at the urging of the Army and the security experts.

He said that Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had started Congress’s mission to “nail India” in 1947 when he took the so-called Kashmir dispute to the United Nations, thereby internationalising it, and that today, following in Nehru’s footsteps, Rahul Gandhi is waging a defame-India smear campaign abroad.

Former Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran’s and General (Ret.) J.J. Singh’s confirmation of the explosive information about the Siachen Glacier in the Ladakh Region was cited by Rana as an example of the abuse of authority without regard for consequences.

He said, “But for pressing the last-minute safety valve by the Army and other Security experts, Sonia Gandhi would have gone away with inflicting a deep scar on the Indian pride and psyche,” adding that the Congress has operated under dynastic control for the entirety of its 75 years since independence.

In light of the 890 brave troops and commanders who sacrificed their lives during Operation Meghdoot in 1984 to rescue this strategically important piece of territory, he said, “Such a disastrous move reflects how the Congress is undermining the valour and sacrifices of the Indian soldiers.”

According to Rana, the people is now understanding why Rahul Gandhi met with the Dragon envoys and inked a Memorandum of Understanding with the governing Communist Party of China in the midst of the terrible Doklam situation. He continued, saying that the Gandhi scion’s current US visit is demoralising compatriots and giving moral boost to Beijing because of his rants about the state of democracy in India and the threat posed by China’s occupation of Indian territory.

In particular, he said that Jammu and Kashmir had suffered greatly because of the questionable politics of the Congress, with the active assistance of its cohorts, and that this had been the case for over three decades. He went into detail about the change in the Kashmir situation after the events of August 5, 2019, and how the Congress responded with a tirade after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government corrected course by abrogating Article 370 and Article 35A.

The country can now read between the lines, therefore Mr. Devender Rana’s statement that “peaceful Kashmir is the latest eyesore for the Congress, which can go to any extent in its hate Modi campaign” was not taken at face value. He urged the BJP’s Karykartas to use the Samparak Abhiyaan to educate their fellow citizens on the narcissistic policies of the combined opposition, particularly the Congress.

As part of the BJP’s extensive public outreach strategy, Rana met with notable Ghaziabad locals and spoke at a beneficiary conference in Hapur during his day-long Abhyaan.

Attendees included Zila Adhakysh Sanjeev Sharma, Dinesh Singhal, Umesh Rana, MLA Sahibabad Sunil Sharma, and Ex-MLA Sahibabad Suresh Sharma, as well as the heads of several Morchas and Mandals and other key figures in the party.



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