SSP Pulwama holds a meeting to review crime and security
Nadia Farooq

On July 9, SSP Pulwama Mohd Yousif led a very important meeting at the District Police Office Pulwama to talk about crime and security.

AdlSP Pulwama, DySP Hqrs Pulwama, DySP PCs, SHOs, IC SOGs, and Incharge PPs of District Pulwama were all there. They stressed that they were all committed to making the district safer and keeping law and order.


During the meeting, SSP Pulwama asked the people there to speed up anti-terrorist activities and put the quick resolution of ongoing UAPA cases at the top of their list of priorities. A lot of time was spent talking about the security of vulnerable people and other important parts of police, such as verifications, closing NDPS cases, inquests, and other important problems linked to responsible policing.

SSP Pulwama told the officers that the drug problem and social crimes were very serious and that they should work harder to solve these problems and stop drug abuse and cybercrimes in the community.

Officers who were there took the chance to tell SSP Pulwama in detail about the security situation in their own areas and the proactive security measures that were being put in place to deal with new problems. In answer, SSP Pulwama told the officers to be extra careful, to “strengthen nakas/checkpoints and generate actionable intelligence” to stop “anti-national elements” from doing anything bad.

SSP Pulwama told the officers that all the security forces in the area needed to work together and communicate better. He also asked them to work closely with their counterparts to keep the Police district calm. The cops were told to focus on the public and make resolving neighbourhood complaints their top priority.

At the end of the meeting, everyone made a strong promise to keep law and order, improve public safety, and strengthen the relationship between the cops and the community. SSP Pulwama thanked all of the officers who took part for their hard work and asked them to keep working with the same drive and care.



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