The IG CRPF reviews all routes and camps for security vulnerabilities
The IG CRPF reviews all routes and camps for security vulnerabilities

A thorough security review of the designated routes and camps was conducted by IG CRPF, Srinagar Sector, Ajay Kumar Yadav in the lead-up to the Amarnath Yatra, which is expected to draw thousands of devotees from across the country.

Starting on July 1, 2023, yatris will be able to participate in Amarnath Yatra, a pilgrimage with deep cultural and religious importance.


Yadav, as the nodal officer for the vital Baltal axis of the yatra, saw the critical significance of analysing and improving the security arrangements for this two-month long yatra.

Jaidev Kesri, the Joint Nodal Officer of the Baltal Axis, together with DIG Kishor Prasad and other field commanders, conducted an assessment of the route and camps along the Baltal Axis to identify possible threats and weaknesses.

The purpose of this assessment was to ensure that everyone who attended could do so in peace and safety, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their spiritual experiences.

Route evaluation, camp security, and emergency response preparation were the primary focuses of the security examination.

The selected yatra route was evaluated to see whether there were any obstacles along the way, such as rough terrain, traffic jams, or places vulnerable to natural disasters.

Along the Baltal route, the security of the camps at Manigam, Neelgrath, Rangamore, Sarbal, Baltal, and Domail was thoroughly assessed.

The significance of preparedness for emergencies was stressed throughout the evaluation.

There is now a solid emergency response system in place thanks to strong collaboration with CRPF medical teams, disaster management authorities, and other organisations.

It was planned that the Baltal route be equipped with medical facilities, first aid stations, and emergency evacuation plans at key locations.

“The Amarnath Yatra holds immense significance for the yatris as well as the residents of Kashmir,” the IG CRPF remarked, expressing his unwavering commitment to the safety and security of all participants. Our number one priority is making sure all yatris can make this pilgrimage without worrying about their safety. No effort was spared in evaluating and improving the event’s security procedures, which were designed to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. For the sake of everyone in the area, I pray that the Yatra ushers in a time of peace and prosperity.



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