The young of J&K have made LG Sinha and the rest of India proud, he claims
The young of J&K have made LG Sinha and the rest of India proud, he claims

Srinagar, June 25: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinah was on hand today for the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department’s ‘Pedal for Peace’ bike race awards ceremony.

The Lieutenant Governor sent his best wishes to the winners and praised their level of excitement, dedication, and passion. ‘Pedal for Peace’ saw 2,557 cyclists this year over 8 different age groups.


“J&K’s greatest strength is the determination of its young people to work together towards a common objective. The J&K UT has become the “land of Enterprise, Innovation, and Invention,” as the Lt Governor put it, and the whole nation is proud of the young people there.

“Pedal for Peace is a symbol of peace, progress, and prosperity and all the efforts are being made to ensure that our youth can improve the sporting talents they already have, provided with opportunities to excel, and their unique qualities are celebrated,” he said.

The Lieutenant Governor spoke at length on the efforts of the J&K UT administration to foster a culture of athletics during the event.

Sport serves as a unifying force since it is understood by individuals of various backgrounds. The Lieutenant Governor made the observation that it is the most effective means of attaining broad objectives.

The young of India have a growing desire to help build the country. Today’s youngsters, particularly women, are making new strides in every field. The Lt. Governor praised them for their “determination, dedication, and hard work” in creating opportunities for all Jammu Kashmiris to benefit from progress.

He praised the Jammu and Kashmir Police for their innovative programmes like the Civic Action project, which help young people realise their dreams.

The Lieutenant Governor issued a rallying cry for solidarity in the face of the drug epidemic.

To counteract the neighbouring country’s evil plans and create a drug-free Jammu Kashmir, he remarked, this must be done.



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