What Rohit Sharma Means When He Says,
What Rohit Sharma Means When He Says, "I Felt Like Punching Him" Previously Recalled That Ravindra Jadeja's Behaviour May Have Triggered A Cheetah Attack

Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian cricket team, is known for his laid-back demeanour. Sharma’s interviews are often entertaining to watch because of his easygoing demeanour. He previously explained to Vikram Sathaye on ‘What the Duck’ why he wanted to hit India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja in the face.

Sharma and his batting partner, Ajinkya Rahane, were discussing a recent trip they took to the forest. India played a series in South Africa in 2018 that included all three formats. Sharma, Rahane, and their spouses, as well as Jadeja, set off on a journey to get a taste of the wild.


The outing was called “Walking with Cheetahs.” Rahane had anticipated a pack of cheetahs following close behind, but instead they found themselves in the midst of a forest. They encountered a few of them beasts on the road, each carrying freshly killed prey. Both Sharma and Rahane were upset with what Jadeja did subsequently.

Sharma, Rohit Previously Recalled That Ravindra Jadeja’s Behaviour May Have Triggered A Cheetah Attack
They say you shouldn’t bother wild animals when they’re eating. Jadeja, though, was in the zone and began making sounds only he could understand. Sharma recalls the creatures looking at them, clearly terrified at the prospect of being assaulted.

Sharma wanted to hit the spin all-rounder Jadeja out of his rage. They had all been told to remain motionless in such instances, and they had done so. But Sharma said it was the happiest time of his life, even if he maintained they should have left Jadeja at home.

For Taking a Selfie With Some Lions, Ravindra Jadeja Was Fined 20,000 INR.
Jadeja and his wife were photographed in 2016 with critically endangered Asiatic lions. They had both travelled to Gir National Park in Western Gujarat for the purpose of capturing pictures with lions, despite forest authorities’ recent warnings.

For his rule-breaking, Jadeja was given a punishment of 20,000 Indian Rupees. To emphasise, Asiatic lions are found exclusively in Gir National Park. The case was concluded with the punishment since he was not a repeat offender.



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