Special EID treats or sweets? Bakery stacking threatens freshness
Special EID treats or sweets? Bakery stacking threatens freshness

Srinagar, Mar 26: Bakeries are stocking up for Eid-ul-Fitr.

But this pre-holiday preparation has sparked questions about the quality and safety of these pastry goods.


The perishability of bread items, especially in increasing temperatures, is the main concern.

Residents worry that pre-prepared goods would deteriorate before Eid.

People worry about food safety, particularly bakery goods.

All open bakeries must display manufacturing and expiration dates. Some packaged food lacks expiration and production dates, claimed Sanat Nagar resident Abid Manzoor.

Residents requested that all open bakery goods should clearly show production and expiration dates to help people make educated selections.
Yamin-ul-Nabi, Assistant Commissioner, Food Safety, Srinagar, informed Greater Kashmir that market inspections has increased in the city.

We sampled sweets, snacks, milk products, and other bakery things at Khanmoh, an industrial region. We even tried meals in a mobile van, he claimed.

The manufacturers have been ordered to keep their facilities clean. Food Safety and Standards Act violators will face severe penalties. The drives will continue across Srinagar city in the coming days as well.”

The center has requested all states and union territories to implement food safety requirements for milk products, sweets, and bakeries.

This involves frequent inspections to ensure adequate storage and cleanliness to avoid food-borne diseases.

According to the official communiqué, production and sales must be monitored to ensure food safety.

It stated it will deploy Food Safety on Wheels (FSW) units in major markets.



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