Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Security Concerns, as Discussed by IAEA Director General Zelensky
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Security Concerns, as Discussed by IAEA Director General Zelensky

The security of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) was discussed by President Volodymyr Zelensky and visiting International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi on June 14 in Kiev, after last week’s breach of the Kakhovka dam.

The demolition of the dam and the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant, Zelensky noted during Tuesday’s meetings, has greatly raised security dangers to the facility.


The ZNPP is situated around 140 kilometres northeast of the Kakhovka facility and has been under Russian control since March 2022.

Zelensky expressed his appreciation for the IAEA inspectors’ presence at the ZNPP and for Grossi’s proposal to visit the facility in person to examine the situation.

Specific measures for lowering risks and avoiding mishaps at the ZNPP were also highlighted by Zelensky and Grossi.

The President of Ukraine agreed with Grossi that IAEA specialists should visit Ukraine to evaluate the fallout from the Kakhovka event, and he promised that his country would give whatever help they may need.

Grossi tweeted that he and Zelensky had spoken, and that he will be visiting the ZNPP to evaluate damage from the Kakhovka dam break.

After the dam broke on June 6, residents downstream were forced to evacuate due to the rising water levels.

In addition, nine individuals in the town of Oleshky perished due to the massive floods.

Kherson, the seat of the area under Ukrainian authority, and at least 30 other towns and villages along the river have been inundated, according to officials.

Ukraine controls 20 of the 30 flooded municipalities, while Russia occupies the remaining 10 municipalities.

Kiev and Moscow have accused each other of destroying the dam without giving evidence of guilt.



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